第5回 立命館慶祥・ハーバード大学研修プログラム【研修5日目】

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  Today Keisho students went with their Harvard buddy and spent half the day with them being shown around campus, and spending time with them learning about why they chose to study in America and about American culture in general. Each pair had a different experience but all of the students sounded extremely happy to have spent the day with them.


  Today Sho gave a lecture about his background and his life – Todai, Deloitte, Harvard Kennedy School of Public Administration and MIT Sloan School of Business, and then his experience interning at OECD and the UN. Even though he has experienced all of this, he had said there were things he regretted, which made us think that no matter how envious a life someone seems to lead that there are things that they, too, also wish they had done differently throughout their lives. I think it was a good experience to know that everyone often has things they regret doing or not doing in their lives. Furthermore, we also learned that this is what often drives people to push themselves even harder in order to succeed in life.


  Late in the afternoon we also went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History, but could unfortunately only spend about 1 hour in it. It had an incredible collection of rocks, animals, birds, fish etc throughout it and the one hour that we had, was not even half as long as we honestly needed to really look at all the vast exhibits that were on display there. I felt that this is one way we could experience just how much Harvard has to offer the world, and additionally how much money this university has.