Ritsumeikan Keisho Junior&Senior High School

Ritsumeikan Keisho’s Super Science High School (SSH) Concept

Super science high schools are upper secondary schools that prioritize science, technology, and mathematics and in so doing that receive the SSH designation awarded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Since Ritsumeikan Keisho’s school identity embraces the formation of world-class 18-years-olds, we are eager to improvement of global science educational method on which students learn to cooperate on science project, overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers.


Our SSH purpose is focusing on development of educational method to foster the talents who can play an active part in science and technology field all over the world. For the sake of leadership in contribution to global scientific innovation, students should improve their excellent discernment and communication skills through our 3 principles as shown below.

  1. Academic ability in science and technology:
    A desire to improve and acknowledge the importance of higher academic achievement.
  2. Global communication skills:
    A desire to foster capacity and ability to cooperate with others in global science field, through international cooperative projects and exchange programs.
  3. Utilization of science and technology for contribution to the world:
    A desire to share and spread scientific ideas, cultures and teaching methods with regional societies, other schools and companies, believing that such an exchange of ideas would benefit us with innovation of our educational method.

Special Curriculum for SSH

<All 10th grade students>

  • Science project I (preview of project)

<11th grade science course students>

  • Science project II
  • Oral presentation in English Festival
  • Advanced lecture by professors from Ritsumeikan and other universities
  • Science English I

<12th grade science course students>

  • Science project III
  • Science experiment on specific topic
  • Science English II

SSH Overseas Program

Ritsumeikan Keisho has developed various science educational program overseas for the sake of not only students’ communication ability in English, but also highly advanced scientific literacy. Every program aims for growth of global mind and communication skills, training English conversation and presentation. About each program, please look into Event Summaries.

Event Summaries