Ritsumeikan Keisho Junior&Senior High School


― Connecting the World Via Multi-Colored Exchange Programs ―

Here at Ritsumeikan Keisho, a multitude of international exchange programs are available, for both junior high and high school students.
Every year, for the period of January to December, the number of Keisho students who traveled abroad and international students who visited are school is calculated. Keisho’s Global Meter represents an objective indicator of our school’s “Broadening Global Education.”
Beginning with our overseas study program which fosters an international power of communication through in-school activities and a one-student, one-family homestay experience, many students travel overseas each year, and students from all reaches of the world visit our school.

Why don’t you also experience connecting with people around the globe at Ritsumeikan Keisho?

(For Reference)
January 2018 to December 2018
Students Traveling Abroad 566 people
Students Visiting Keisho 365 people
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