Korea・Anyang Foreign Language High School Exchange Program
Students from Anyang Foreign Language High School visited from January 23rd to 27th. There were 14 students from Anyang who were able to homestay with our junior and senior high school students. It was challenging at times, but the Anyang students got to truly experience winter in Hokkaido!
The visit started at New Chitose Airport with warm greetings and everyone excited to begin their homestays. The next day had a welcoming ceremony with speeches, a Korean musical performance, and a Japanese culture quiz. The rest of the day included classroom experiences and lunch, until the oncoming blizzard forced students home early.
We planned on visiting Otaru on the 25th, but the school closure and train delays cancelled the trip. The students stayed home and had lots of time to talk and get to know each other better. School opening on the 26th allowed the Anyang students to experience folding origami, Japanese tea ceremony, additional classes at Keisho, and Japanese archery after school.
Everyone made it to the airport early on the 27th, despite the transit worries. The students got a little more time together before heartfelt tearful goodbyes. I wish that that weather had behaved better, but seeing the student interactions at the airport showed me that the trip was truly worthwhile.