第5回 立命館慶祥・ハーバード大学研修プログラム【研修1日目】

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  We arrived Sunday night around the same time that we took off from Narita from. It’s a long day door to door getting from your house all the way to Boston. But, fortunately, we arrived without any issues. Some of the students were pretty tired and got to bed relatively early so that they could be refreshed for today.



  Today we left the hostel and had a brisk walk to the subway then hopped on the train bound for Harvard. We were met by Lousia and Kevin to give us a tour of Harvard’s campus, and explained in detail about various buildings, statues, and history. I think many of us were surprised to learn that the statue of John Harvard isn’t actually John Harvard, but it’s one of his best friends! I didn’t even know that as an American, so that was quite fascinating for me to hear for the first time.



  For lunch, we went to a ramen shop near Harvard called Yume wo Katare, which was quite an interesting experience. The owner Tsuyoshi Nishioka, has a vision to bring his ramen shop to each prefecture in Japan by 2020, and to each country in the world by 2030. So, while eating delicious ramen, and since we are from Sapporo we are quite used to eating delicious ramen, the students thought about the idea of having a dream, and what that means, and how you go about achieving your dream. It was interesting to hear his background and how he left Japan with nothing and decided to move to America, and his reasons for that. Then after eating, each student took turns one by one to go through and say what their dream(s) is (are), and each of their dreams truly were truly wonderful. So, hopefully the experience students gained today will enable them to fulfil each and every one of their dreams.


  昼食に、「夢を語れ」と呼ばれるハーバード側のラーメン屋さんに行きました。とてもおもしろい体験でした。店主はニシオカ・ツヨシさんという方で、2020年までに日本の全ての都道府県にラーメン屋を開きたいという夢を持っています。2030年には全ての国々に! ラーメン通の道産子の生徒たちは、ニシオカさんのラーメンをおいしくいただきつつ、夢を持つこと、そのことが何を意味するのか、そしてどう実現させるのかなどを考えました。ニシオカさんが、裸一貫で渡米した理由などをお聞きするのはとてもおもしろかったです。食後、生徒たちは自分の夢を互いに語り合い、それぞれが大変貴重であることを分かち合いました。生徒たちが夢を持つ大切さを再認識し、今日の経験を通し、自分の夢実現につながることを願っています。


  After a nice lunch break, we had a lecture by Patricia and Simon who lectured about Global Health and what it is and what it means to us. The students truly grasped the concept of it and gave some outstanding examples of the causes behind the topic of Tuberculosis, which was the main disease that was discussed. The topic was excellent but with students having jet lag and having just eaten, some students were tired, which makes sense as it was 5am our time. Nevertheless, the Keisho students did very well and gave the topic their full attention. The students broke off several times into group discussions, then presented about what they talked about in front of the class. I was very happy to see as a group how positive and outgoing they were with speaking and presenting on the spot, and I know that they will continue to only get better and better throughout their trip.


  すてきな昼食後、パトリシア先生とサイモン先生からGlobal Health(グローバル健康)というものがどういった分野なのかを学ぶ講義を受けました。生徒たちは講義をよく理解して、結核の原因について優れた考察を述べている生徒もいました。講義内容は大変おもしろかったですが、日本時間では朝の5時ですから、時差ぼけや昼食からの満腹感に苦戦している生徒もいました。とはいえ、慶祥生は講義を熱心に学んでいました。生徒たちはグループに分かれ、講義の学びをみんなの前でプレゼンテーションもしました。生徒たちがその場で急に英語を使ったり、プレゼンテーションしたりと、積極的に活動する姿を見ることができました。この研修を通し、生徒たちがもっともっと成長することだろうと期待しています。